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DIAMOND table is the result of artistic collaboration of MANSI LONDON and Victoria Swarovski. The aim of the collaboration was to create a piece of furniture which, due to its form and finish, will be a piece of jewelery in the world of design. The project combines an innovative youthful approach to traditional design, referring to the characteristic signet of the Swarovski name – crystal.

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Manufacturing technology of the DIAMOND table is a combination of the unique, craftsmen skills of the contractors with the highest quality materials. The elements of the table are made of selected natural stone and stainless steel. The skilled and experienced manufacturers are directly engaged in the process of creation and their craft, expertise and artisanship prove to be of key importance at the final stage of the sophisticated production. These professional characteristics are necessary in such complex production involving a team of authors and this is why we cooperate only with the best. This is reflected in the final result of our artwork.DIMENSIONS L 3.10 m x W 1.40 m
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In its structure and the colours, the table top is made of naturally sourced stone, resembles frozen crystals of ice. It combines white marble elements resembling frozen ice crystals and crystal clear quartzite elements. Legs originate from the delicate structure and shape of diamonds. A jeweller’s cut harnessing the beauty of nature becomes the base of the designer’s line creating the form. At the centre of each of the bases, the silver solid figures allows the light to reflect in every direction. The contrast between what originates from nature and what is captured by human imagination and creativeness is the driving force of the narrative which we enchant in our piece of furniture.


The diamond shape itself makes reference to the name of Swarovski and to the famous cut crystals that the family has been known worldwide. The selected material has been applied here in a fully intentional manner, not to be considered glass or compared with Swarovski products but merely associated with them in an unambiguous manner. This is a kind of an intertextual and creative quotation that makes our product distinguished. Meanwhile, the table itself is a continuation of a refined ideological line of design that is synonymous with MANSI LONDON but also a search for autonomy and identity by Victoria that signed the piece of furniture and participated in the whole creation process.

Diamonds are forever

gathering around the table


Our table has arrived in specific times. We are all aware of the reality dominated by the anti-pandemic discipline. We long for the return to normality and peace and quiet. This is why it is even more important to cultivate relationships with the closest ones. In each civilisation, a table has been a space for meetings, feasts and collective dining. It may be a platform to exchange thoughts and experiences. In short, it is the quintessence of hearth and home. It takes a table to make all kinds of people gather around and create the ambiance for family members and friends to get together. Although we may not be fully aware of it, but the meetings themselves and the people who we wish to have around our tables are the most important parts of our lives. The table becomes a carrier of joy that we draw from being together. This is why the table seems the most important piece of furniture that we, as MANSI LONDON and Victoria Swarovski, wish to give the world. This table represents our meeting and provides you with the opportunity to initiate relationships. It is a way of life!

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