Yin Set

Yin Set

Coffee table set with an irregular, organic shape of the top and legs. Refined marble, quartzite or granite top, signed with a 24KT gold plated logo on which you can engrave your own personal initial or sentence on request. The base is finished with hand-sewn, natural leather or nubuck in various colour combinations which creates an effect that fits in with both modern, contemporary interiors as well as eclectic spaces. Attention is drawn to extraordinary details such as the meticulous hand-stitching, which shows the fine craftsmanship of this piece. The coffee and side tables can be joined to create larger surfaces and design variable compositions. Configure your own customized YIN SET.

DIMENSIONS: W 75 D 25 H 31, W 50 D 23 H 39

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Stone is characterised by variability of texture and structure. The variety of colour, texture, graining and cohesiveness of the structure is a characteristic of stone and cannot be complained about.


– Use clean water or specialist stone care products to clean the stone. Other products, especially those with an acidic reaction will cause loss of gloss and the formation of pits on the texture of the stone.

– Some cleaning products (soaps, washing-up liquids, shampoos, etc.) may cause tarnishing of delicate surfaces (marble/travertine).

– In case of contact with chlorine, salt or other similar chemicals, these must be removed immediately with clean water, otherwise stains or “pitting” may occur.

– It is recommended to use pads or avoid direct contact of liquids and packages with the stone surface.

– For some stones it is forbidden to place hot objects on the surface as this will cause irreversible damage.

– Natural stone should not come into direct contact with the following products: oils, citrus fruit, juices and coloured drinks, in particular wine and coffee, salt, chlorine and other similar chemicals.



– Sealing with special agents designed exclusively for natural stone is recommended. Impregnation closes the pores in the stone and reduces its absorbability, not remaining on the surface but penetrating its top layer. Such process minimizes the risk of staining (but does not give 100% certainty). The effectiveness of the impregnation depends on the type of the material, the substance and the time which passes since its contact with the stone.

– Once sealed it is recommended to renew the protective layer periodically (the recommendation is once every 1-3 months).

– It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to take care of the stone regularly using professional chemical agents and to follow the rules of care.



– If stains occur, they must be removed immediately using specialised agents adapted to the type of stain. All marble elements used in the furniture are protected with a professional, specialist impregnator. This preparation is based on high-quality modified organic active substances providing strong protection against stains, oils, grease and general dirt. The impregnate used by our company is characterised by

– a strong so-called water repellency/pearlising effect

– no or negligible effect on changing the colour of the stone

– very good resistance to oils and fats, excluding acids – very low water and dirt absorption

– significantly reduced paint adhesion on impregnated surfaces

– Anti-Graffiti effect – preservation the natural “breathing ability” of the stone

– Curing without leaving sticky streaks – safe in contact with food and skin, certified


We recommend using protective and caring preparations when using natural stone tabletops.

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