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MANSI LONDON manufactures its own collection of furniture made from the highest quality materials including natural stones, precious metals and leather.

Their offering includes dining tables, bars, desks, dressing tables, consoles, bars, armchairs, stools and much more. A harmonious and original design using modern shapes and a wide range of materials and colours. The possibility to configure the furniture individually by combining different elements of the collection, are the features that particularly distinguish MANSI LONDON from it’s competitors.

Also one of the main characteristics are the perfect hand-stitching of the upholstered elements, which is made carefully down to the smallest detail, and the use of Alcantara inside the furniture.

The brand combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technological production techniques in all of its products. The countertops are sealed with a 24 KT gold logo, cut directly into the stone. It sits flush with the marble like jewellery swallowed up by nature over time. A glistening accent to the perfect combination of the highest quality materials and swirling colours.

Appreciate the exceptional quality of our projects. Discover the effect of two worlds interfusing.

Give in to this magic. Create your space.